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NATA LogoBluett & Swann provides a written guarantee that operable wall panels are of like construction to laboratory tested operable walls manufactured to NATA Standards AS1191-1985.

Acoustic Ratings

Model STC Max Height
(kg sq m)
Charted Results
OW35 35 6000 20  
OW40 40 6000 25 STC Model OW40
OW40 44 6000 30 #STC Model OW44
OW46 46 6000 35#STC Model OW46
OW49 49 5000 35 STC Model OW49
OW50 50 5000 45 STC Model OW50

Acoustic tests were carried out using the pair of sound transmission rooms of the Department of Applied Physics at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Limited. The sound pressure level difference resulting between these two rooms when a sound source operated in the source room was used in conjunction with the surface area of the sample and the equivalent absorption area of the receiving room to determine the airborne sound transmission loss of the sample.

Testing was carried out in full accordance with the laboratory's NATA registration and in accordance with Australian Standard 1191-1985, Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions. The equipment used to perform these tests had been calibrated at a NATA registered laboratory and was in current calibration.